Virtual QNet Summer Workshop 2018: Using Gravitational Wave Data


Participating Teachers Will:

  • Be able to use the LIGO e-lab to identify levels of seismic background noise
  • Describe the changes that occur in gravitational waves emitted from a compact binary system as the system moves towards coalescence.
  • Use gravitational wave measurements and relevant equations to calculate the chirp masses and astronomical distances of binary systems.
  • Give an overall or general summary of the process that scientists would use to extract information about astrophysical sources from gravitational wave data.

Wednesday July 11th

Arrive at Hotel

Comfort Inn Portland - 8225 NE Wasco, Portland, OR 97220 - 503-408-8000

Thursday July 12th

Tour of LIGO

7:30 am Departure from Hotel

Friday July 13th

9:20 AM  Depart from Hotel

Tour of Vernier

Cosmic Rays with Vernier 

Speed of Cosmic Ray Muons (with QuarkNet Data)


Review of LIGO elab and 2016 GW Workshop

  • Use elab to identify significant siesmic events
  • Use elab to identify noise

Beyond LIGO elab

LIGO Educational Outreach Page



Saturday July 14th

Totem Masterclass