LHC Data Workshop at AAPT

13 June 2013

Welcome to the LHC Data Workshop at the AAPT Summer 2013 Meeting. We will focus on the ATLAS detector in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This workshop is organized by the QuarkNet collaboration.


08:00     Coffee and Registration

08:30     ATLAS overview

09:00     ATLAS Virtual Visit 

10:00     Activity 1: Rolling with Rutherford (spreadsheet)

11:00     Activity 2: Mass Calc: Z

12:00     lunch

13:00     ATLAS Z masterclass measurement (OPloT)

15:00     Discussion of results

15:30     Activity 3: Plotting LHC Discovery

16:30     Evaluation and final discussion

17:00     End of day


Participating teachers are enabled to:

  • interpret and explain ATLAS event displays;
  • conduct LHC investigations with students; and
  • assist students in a masterclass.