Summer Summary

We had another great summer at JHU. Thanks to all who participated!  Please take some time to look at the page listing all the talks and activities for the week, as well as the posters created by the summer students explaining their research projects.

If you do something interesting with your students related to your QuarkNet learning, or your cosmic ray detector, please let us know; we'd love to hear about the great science you're doing in your classroom.

Don't forget that there are several QuarkNet / JHU activities happening throughout the school year, beginning with International Cosmic Day (November), continuing with the LHC / CMS MasterClass and International Muon Week (late winter / early spring) and finally the JHU Physics Fair (April).  And I can't leave out the Central MD Physics Olympics, hosted by our very own Tim Durkin at Liberty HS (late February).  Hope to see you there!