2017 LIGO e-Lab Workshop @ Washington

August 14-15, 2017

Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) B248



Participating teachers will be able to:

  • Plot and interpret data recorded by LIGO seismic instruments; address limitations in the data.
  • Make claims based on evidence from LIGO data and provide reasoning.
  • Explain the importance of LIGO seismic data in a gravitiational wave search
  • Use LIGO seismic data to demonstrate classical physics concepts
  • Develop a plan to use material from the workshop in school.



Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.

Day 1 - Monday, 14 August

09:00     Registration (if not done
                Mon-Wed), Introductions

09:30     Talk: LIGO, Grav. Waves
              - Michael Park

10:30     Break

10:45     Graviational Waves Review
              and interferometer activity

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Videos:

13:30     Exploration of LIGO e-Lab: 

  • log in with account
  • create student account
  • review Resources and Project Map
  • try out features
  • Seismology Review

14:30     Break

14:45     Search and analyze in data:

16:00     Review day

  • Objectives met
  • Objectives not yet completed.

16:30     End of Day

Day 2 - Tuesday, 15 August

09:00     Morning Reflection

  • What is the thread that ties what we are doing together?
  • What worked and did not work yesterday?
  • How are we doing on the objectives?
  • Hot off the press.

09:15  Begin resreach 

10:30     Break

10:45     Continue research

11:30     Create posters

12:00     Lunch 

13:00     LIGO Hanford Virtual Visit

13:30     Poster presentations

14:00     Break     

14:15     Implementation discussion

14:45     Reflection: write/discuss

  • take-aways from the workshop
  • what you learned beyond the objectives
  • what you would like to learn more about.

15:00     Evaluation

15:30     End of workshop