CMS e-Lab Fermi Lab Center summer 2016


Workshop participants will:

  • Identify particles colliding and emerging from collisions at the LHC from CMS data.
  • Interpret the physical meaning of plots created from CMS data in light of conservation rules (energy, momentum, charge).
  • Ask and answer questions about the physics of high energy collisions using CMS data. 



Thursday 28 July 2016

13:00   Introductions

13:30 What is CMS?

14:00   Z mass

15:00   Calibration data

15:30     End of Day






Friday 29 July 2016

09:00   Coffee, Recap, Reflect

9:15 CMS Masterclass Measurement Introduction

11:00  Explore posters in e-Lab

11:30   Discussion and creation of research questions

12:00   lunch

13:00   Work on research question

14:30   Present posters

15:00   Implementation Discussion

15:30     Evaluation/Looking Forward

  End of workshop