ATLAS Mornings and More at LBNL, June 23-24, 2015

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Tuesday June 23 Wednesday June 24

08:30    Good morning, ATLAS! - Warm-up with Particle Cards

09:00    ATLAS, Higgs, and Particle Physics I (Ian Hinchcliffe)

09:30    Talking ATLAS with CERN (Zack Marshall)

10:00    Students present particle card results

10:15    ATLAS, Higgs, and Particle Physics II (Ian Hinchcliffe)

11:15    Get to know experiments and particles

12:00   Lunch

QuarkNet teacher meeting:

13:00   Dark Matter and Detectors (Peter Sorenson)

14:30  Use authentic ATLAS events

16:00   End of day

08:30   Discussion and Round-up from Tuesday

09:15   Intro to ATLAS Data Measurement

09:45   Break

10:00   W's and Z's in ATLAS Data

11:30   Discuss results

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Continue program