Masterclass at (SCIPP/UC Santa Cruz) Mentor Information

Quarknet Masterclasses would be impossible to run without mentors assisting and leading the students. The class allows students to learn about particle physics at an early age by learning about it and putting it into action by analyzing actual data from the LHC and by sharing their results with other masterclasses.

To be a mentor, it will require your participation on the actual class day (March 17th) and an orientation at UCSC, which is highly recommended but not required (TBA).

To learn more about masterclasses and resources about the role of a mentor for this class, you can browse through the links below:

-Overview/Introduction to Masterclass

-Welcome to Z Path

-Structure of Masterclasses

-Information about day of Masterclass

-Website for QuarkNet

-More about SCIPP Outreach 


If you find this interesting, and would like to register to be a mentor, please fill out the registration form below so we can have your information:

Mentor Registration Form


Agenda for the Orientation on:  TBA

2 PM - Introduction to Masterclass

  • Objectives, Masterclass Library
  • Masterclass Prep activities

2:30 PM - Overview of the ATLAS Z-Path Experiment

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Cheat sheet for Masterclass Day

3 PM- Testing Video Conference

  • Test video link
  • Discuss results 

3:30 PM-4:00 PM- Wrap-up

  • Summary
  • Plans for the actual class (Saturday March 17th)