Orientation 2015


This page is to help to guide mentors in preparing their teams, including teachers, for the masterclass.


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New Institutes: Masterclass Orientation

A masterclass orienation can be done online via Vidyo or in person with a visit from a QuarkNet staff member or fellow. It is intended for teachers and mentors. Here is what is covered:

  • Classroom prep for the masterclass
  • Try out an ATLAS or CMS masterclass measurement
  • Walk-through of masterclass logistics
  • Masterclass Library
  • Vidyo test
  • Q&A

This generally takes 4-6 hours, though it can be trimmed or extended depending on needed. If you are doing a CMS or ATLAS Data Workshop in the masterclass orientation period, it counts as an orientation. If you had one previous to this, you only need an orientation update (below).

Register for Masterclass Orientation on the Google form at least one week prior to your earliest preferred date!


Experienced Institutes: Orientation Updates

An orientation update is to bring teachers and mentors up to speed on the latest in masterclass measurements and procedures. As orientation updates are done online, they also serve as Vidyo tests. Orientation updates take 1-2 hours.

Register for Masterclass Orientation on the Google form at least one week prior to your earliest preferred date!


Orientation Schedule 2015

Orientation Indico pages:

Start time in CT and facilitator in parentheses. New registrants: we can accommodate days and times not yet shown on this schedule.

Date 2015 ATLAS Orientation CMS Orientation ATLAS Update CMS Update
Fri 23 Jan Tokyo (02:00 - 09:00 CET/17:00 JST; Cecire)      
Tue 27 Jan       Quito, Mexico City (16:30 - 16:30 ECT; Wood)
Sat 31 Jan       Buffalo (10:00; Wood)
Sat 07 Feb     Seattle (15:30; Trapp) Minneapolis (10:00; Wood)
Fri 13 Feb     UAN-Bogota (13:00, Cecire) Honolulu (13:00 - 09:00 HAST; Trapp)
Sat 14 Feb   Calumet* (10:00; Glover)    
Wed 18 Feb Santa Cruz (13:00 PT; Trapp)     Mona (08:00; Cecire)
Sat 21 Feb       West Lafayette (08:00; Glover)
Tue 24 Feb       Shanghai (01:00 - 15:00 CST; Cecire)
Wed 25 Feb      

Ft Collins, Quito, Bogota-Uniandes, Mona (15:00; Cecire)

Boston*, Tallahasee, Beardstown (16:00; Wadness)

Thu 26 Feb     Montreal (13:00; Cecire)  
Fri 27 Feb       Auckland (15:00 - 10:00, 28 Feb NZDT; Glover), Rochester - Vidyo Test only (12:00, Cecire)
Sat 28 Feb       Mayagüez, Fairfax (13:00 - 15:00 AST, 20:00 CET); Manhattan
Sat 07 Mar     Spearfish (10:30, Cecire)  
Mon 16 Mar     Medellin (10:00, Cecire)  
Fri 27 Mar       Manhatttan (9:00, Cecire)

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