QN-ILC Teacher Workshop the University of Tokyo, September 19-20, 2015

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Teacher Workshop

9月19~20日2015年、 東大で

This workshop is presented in memory of Tom Jordan, QuarkNet Coordinator until 2015.

Ken Cecire--University of Notre Dame - kcecire@nd.edu

Martin Shaffer--Cowley College - shafferm@cowley.edu

Tomohiko Tanabe--University of Tokyo - tomohiko@icepp.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp



  • Each teacher is able to use the cosmic ray detector or the cosmic ray e-Lab in a simple activity with students.
  • Teachers are introduced to the International Linear Collider (ILC) 
  • Each teacher is able to present ILC physics to students using simulated events.



Saturday September 19 Sunday September 20

10:00     Welcome and Registration

10:15      Introduction to Cosmic Rays (T. Tanabe)

10:45      Brief introduction to the Cosmic Ray e-Lab

11:00      Muons and their lifetimes (dice) (plots)

11:45     LHC Physics (K. Hanawa)

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Detector construction and commisioning

16:00     Discussion; a look at student work from Sendai

16:30     Set up detector for special overnight data-taking


10:00       Detector performance check

  • look at rates and time-over-threshold in EQUIP
  • adjust voltages
  • start new data run

10:15       Upload and analyze data

  • Performance and rates
  • Flux
  • Lifetime analysis

11:00       Time-of-flight experiment (Shaffer)

11:30        ILC Physics (T. Tanabe)

12:30        Lunch

13:30        Special Relativity in Cosmic Rays, LHC, and ILC

14:30       ILC simulation mini-masterclass 

16:00        Discussion and Evaluation

16:30        Final data uploads, pack up detectors