2019 (Updated) CMS Workshop @ FIU

August 5-7, 2019

Chemistry & Physics Building, Room Number 275

Tiny URL for this page: https://tinyurl.com/FIUqn2019.


Participating teachers will:

  • Apply classical physics principles to reduce or explain the observations in data investigations.
  • Identify and describe ways that data are organized for determining any patterns that may exist in the data.
  • Create, organize and interpret data plots; make claims based on evidence and provide explanations; identify data limitations.
  • Develop a plan for taking students from their current level of data use to subsequent levels using activities and/or ideas from the workshop.

We will also provide opportunities to engage in critical dialogue among teaching colleagues about what they learn in the workshop.



Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.

Monday, August 5

09:00     Introductions & QuarkNet "housekeeping"    

09:30     Workshop overview

          CERN in 3 (really 4) minutes video

09:45     Presentation: CMS (Jorge)

10:45     Break

11:00     Data Portfolio Activities:

12:00     Lunch 

13:00     Data Portfolio Activity: 

  • Level 1 DP Activity, Z Mass

14:00    Particle Detectors Tutorial

15:00 Start prepping for Masterclass Measurement

16:00     End of day

Tuesday, August 6 

09:00     Recap of Yesterday/Plan for Today

09:15     CMS Masterclass Measurement

       Shift training:

Data Analysis:

11:30    Videoconference 

12:30     Lunch 

13:30    Modern Lab Tour (Jorge)

15:00     Accelerators

16:00     End of Day

Wednesday, August 7

09:00     Recap of Yesterday/Plan for Today

09:15     CMS World Wide Data Day

              Particle Accelerators

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Discussion (Jorge)

14:00     Break

14:15    Level 3 Data Portfolio Activitiy Exploration: CMS e-Lab

14:45     Implementation Discussion    

15:15     Teacher Survey

16:00     End of Workshop