2020 CSU STEP UP Virtual Workshop

August 5, 2020 

Meet Online - Zoom Link: 

**Cherie will email password.**



Wednesday, August 5

08:30    Opening Activities

  • Welcome & Introductions (Cherie) - reminder: Shane - start recording
    • Sign-in
    • Whip Around - "How are you doing?"
    • What/where do you teach? Previous QN experiences?
  • Update from QN Central (Shane)

08:45    STEP UP Program (Shane)

  • Introduction to the program
  • STEP UP materials & QuarkNet STEP UP materials
  • LINKS:

09:00    QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Changing the Culture

          Poster: Guidelines for Conduct During Discussions

  1. Discussion Guidelines Student Page - Utilize break-out rooms - "student hat" (Cherie)
    • Padlet - This is where break-out groups keep notes!
  2. Everyday Actions Teacher Questions - "teacher hat" (Shane)

09:30    BREAK

09:45    QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Careers in Physics

Tasks for this lesson
Task 1 (Student Hat): Pre-Lesson Brainstorm - Cherie
What careers can you pursue with a bachelor's degree in physics?
  • In Zoom chat box - thinking like a student - answer the question above.
  • Word cloud example (pre lesson)

Task 2 (Student Hat): Exploring Careers - Cherie

  1. Click here and scroll down to see a hard copy of all of the current profiles.
    In order to match you with a few of these profiles, please take Career Goals Survey and read through 1-2 physicist profiles whose career interests match your own.
  2. Large group discussion...Each person share information about one of your matches...describe the job and skills needed. Any surprises?
  3. Revisit word cloud example (pre lesson) from task one. Now check out the word cloud example (post lesson). Any additions?
  4. Take 5-7 minutes to look through these slides: Physics Careers & Salaries (pdf), then discuss...
    1. Any surprises?
    2. Any comment on any of the following...feelings about job security? ...job satisfaction claims? ...the application of physics skills/knowlege in other fields? ...salaries? ...on jobs that can help others?

Task 3 (Teacher Hat): Personal Career Profile - Shane

Task 4 (Teacher Hat): Teacher Reflection - Shane

Answer the following in your break-out groups; record responses on the padlet wall.

  1. In what way might you implement all or some of this lesson's tasks into your classroom?
  2. At what point in the school year do you think this lesson works best?
  3. Will you implement the entire lesson in one day, or will you divide the tasks over multiple days?
  4. Do you forsee any challenges in implementing this lesson with your students? How might you overcome these?

10:45     Break

11:00    Share-a-thon (link here) - Cherie

  • Share ideas/strategies for distance learning 

11:30     Break     


12:30     Talk from Assistant Professor Mike Mooney at CSU (followed by Q&A)

  • Mike Mooney recently received one the few highly competitive US Department of Energy Early Career Research Awards and is doing great work on DUNE and other neutrino experiments. He will be presenting on the status and physics of the DUNE experiment in South Dakota.
  • Professor Mooney's slides can be found at end of agenda


13:00    Q&A and Break

13:15    Introduce QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Women in Physics

  • Why STEP UP (Shane)
  • Women in Physics Pre-Assignment (Cherie)
  • Introduce other parts of lesson - perhaps a focus for future workshop?
    • Digging in deeper: Group Tasks for Women in Physics Lesson
    • Description of full group final discussion for this lesson (Shane)
      • Who do you feel comfortable working with in class? • Do you feel more comfortable in any particular class? • Have you felt your abilities were questioned? • Have you seen or experienced gender biases in your own life, either purposeful or unintentional?
    • Description of Post-Assignment (scroll down)

13:45    Wrap-up (Shane)

14:30    End of Day





Professor Bob Wilson, Mentor
Cherie Bornhorst, Lead Teacher & STEP UP Ambassador
Adam Pearlstein, Lead Teacher
Shane Wood, QN National Staff & STEP UP Ambassador