2022 Virtual QuarkNet Summer Workshop - Notre Dame

Aug 3-5, 2022


Participating teachers will:

  • Apply physics principles to reduce or explain the observations in data investigations.
  • Examine simulated and experimental data. Identify patterns within the data and consider causes of those patterns. 
  • Create, organize and interpret data plots; make claims based on evidence and provide explanations; identify data limitations.
  • Develop a plan for taking students from their current level of data use to subsequent levels using activities and/or ideas from the workshop.

We will also provide opportunities to engage in critical dialogue among teaching colleagues about what they learn in the workshop.


Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.
****All times are eastern.

Day 0

Tuesday Aug 2nd

18:00 Dinner at Bistro 933 at Hilton Garden Inn next to Inn at St. Mary's

Day 1

Wednesday Aug 3rd

Reyniers 102-103

8:30    Welcome & Introductions

9:45 Walk to Jordan Science Hall

10:00   DVT Presentation (Awesome Particle Physics Show)

Enjoy the displays at Jordan

11:30 Walk to Reyniers

11:45 Cosmic Ray

12:30 Working Lunch (Order In) with ND teachers

13:30  More Cosmic Rays

Begin Cosmic Ray Overnight Data Collection

14:30 Break and walk to Nieuwland

15:30  Nuclear Lab - Nieuwland

16:30    End of day reflection

17:00    End of Day

Homework: Watch CMS Video

Day 2

Thursday Aug 4th (Higgs at 10)

Reyniers 102-103

08:30  Welcome & Introductions

  • Questions from yesterday

09:00 Upload and Analyze CR Data

9:40 Walk to Library

10:00  Rare Books Exhibition - Library

11:15 Shuffling the Particle Deck (Does the Higgs fit in?)

12:00  Lunch (Order In). Take a break

13:00  Higgs Q&A (Antonio)

14:00  More cosmics!

15:00  Search for Higgs in CMS data

17:00  End of Day

19:00  Group Dinner - Ciao's 123 N. Michigan St

Day 3

Friday Aug 5th

Reyniers 102-103

8:30 Mentors Discussion

Dan's Talk on Fusion

10:00 Implementation and Discussion Plans

Make a copy of document - share with Mike Wadness who will post

10:45 Survey Update OR Full Survey (if you did not complete full survey 2019-2021)

11:30 End of Workshop