Friday Flyer - January 31, 2020

Spotlight on the SUNY at Buffalo QuarkNet Center

This center has been active since 2006, with mentors Ia Iashvili, Avto Kharchilava, and Salvatore Rappoccio heading up the group, along with lead teachers Larry Hiller and David McClary. Activities during the 2019 summer workshop focused on cosmic ray studies, with fellow Nate Unterman bringing new analysis ideas to the teachers. A few talks from SUNY Buffalo faculty rounded out the workshop and included updates from CMS and results from the IceCube neutrino experiment. Earlier in the year, the center hosted a CMS masterclass (pictured below), with 12 area high school students attending. 

Buffalo mentor Ia Iashvili working with students during their 2019 CMS masterclass.



News from QuarkNet Central

Registration for International Masterclasses continues! Though the Doodle polls are closed, you may find an existing videoconference that you can join. To register, send e-mail to Ken. Just as important, masterclass orientations and updates begin next month. You can find schedules and a registration form at the LHC orientation and neutrino orientation pages. Since the CMS measurement is new this year, any center or institute planning a CMS masterclass needs at least an orientation update.

The latest IMC circular is out today, focusing on social media connected to the IMC. 



Physics Experiment Roundup

There is a sense of accomplishment at the LHC as  the DISMAC project team vacuums and reinforces electrical insulation in the 1232nd (and last!) diode box. The whole process took 10 months and is one of many projects taking place during the ongoing second long shutdown (LS2) at CERN. Continuing along the "sense of accomplishment" theme, NASA celebrates the legacy of its Spitzer Space Telescope, as the successful mission of this great infrared observatory comes to a close. And from Gizmodo, learn about the secret clock system that Fermilab's Muon g-2 experiment uses to combat human bias. 




Since 2018, the Faces of DUNE has highlighted many of the individuals who are working to make the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment a reality. These posters celebrate the culmination of the Faces of DUNE including all of the pictures of those profiled in the series. Director General of CERN Fabiola Gionatti reflects on the past year at CERN, highlighting some of the major results and accomplishments of 2019. The Physics Girl explores the cosmic microwave background in her most recent video.



Just for Fun

Find out which planet gets cut (because it's redundant) and which planets would merge if folks at xkcd had their way with the solar system. And, finally, something just doesn't look quite right in this map projection, also from xkcd




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