Higgs@10 Workshop

Draft Concept and Agenda



The discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced at CERN and around the world on the 4th of July, 2012. That makes our knowledge of its existence ten years old. In this workshop, we will explore the orginial discovery of the Higgs and what it means for science through direct presentation, activities, and data analysis.



Local Time Session Remarks

Coffee and introduction:

09:30 Warm-up: Shuffling the Particle Deck Does Higgs fit in?
10:00 Physicist presentation  
10:45 Break  
11:00 Where's Higgs?  
12:00 LUNCH  
13:00 Z-mass and more New activity or Tutorial

4-lepton data from CMS

Version 1

Version 2

Ver 1 requires little calculation; in Ver 2, students can make more use fo the spreadsheet
15:15 Break  
15:30 Discussion What have we learned?
16:00 Implementation plans  
16:30 End of workshop  



Articles on the Higgs Discovery: