LHC Masterclass Library Project Map 2019


Small URL for this page: http://tiny.cc/mc2019lib.

The Masterclass Library contains most of the information needed for physicists and teachers to run a masterclass. The Project Map below is arranged in the typical chronological order in which a masterclass is prepared and then carried out.  The order is more descriptive than prescriptive.

The Project Map has 6 "metro stops" plus several associated branches. The main metro stops are:

  • Planning gives an overview of how to get masterclasses organized and going.
  • Orientation explains orienting of teachers and physicists to run a masterclass and provides schedule information.
  • Classroom Preparation details how teachers get their students ready for the masterclass.
  • Institute and Videocon with their branches cover the main elements of the masterclass day. These make up the heart of the Project Map.
  • Follow on is for QuarkNet mentors and teachers to see some new things they can do in their center workshop.


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Small URL for this page: http://tiny.cc/mc2019lib.