MINERvA Neutrino Masterclass Student Start Page

Small URL for this page: http://tiny.cc/mmc-go.


Step 0: To start the MINERvA masterclass measurement, you need the following information:

  • Name of your institute (usually the city)
  • Date in the Fermilab time zone (U.S. Central Time)
  • Data Group letter
  • Data mergedTuple number

Here are some useful resources to help you:


Step 1: Find your Institute, Data Group, and Spreadsheet in this table:

Date/time CT Institute (Data Group) Institute (Data Group) Institute (Data) Spreadsheet
Tue 01 Jan/00:00 North Pole Practice Team (P)     FNAL-01Jan2019
Thu 14 Mar/11:45 Rochester (A) Syracuse (E)   FNAL-14Mar2019
Fri 29 Mar 15:00 Barranquilla (B) Lead (C)   FNAL-29Mar2019
Fri 29 Mar 21:00 Qingdao (D)     FNAL-29Mar2019
Sat 06 Apr/14:00 Fairfax (D) Mayaguez (F, G) Knoxville (E) FNAL-06Apr2019A
Sat 06 Apr/16:00 Minneapolis (G) Fort Collins (E)   FNAL-06Apr2019B
Thu 11 Apr/09:00 Valencia (CD)     FNAL-11Apr2019
Thu 11 Apr/15:00 Batavia (F)     FNAL-11Apr2019

Step 2: Open your Data Group by chooing the letter and find your mergedTuple by its number.


Step 3: Choose your mergedTuple to open the ARACHNE Simple event display. It will start with your first Gate (also called an Entry; ummm, think of each one as an "Entry Gate" to data in a specific time range). By the way, the first Entry Gate is marked Entry 0.



  1. There is some "fake data" in the beginning of the first mergedTuple for each Data Group in the spreadsheet. It is simply a placeholder. You may (should) write over this when you put your own data in.
  2. Please enter data only in the space provided: under "Muon" and "Proton". All other space is needed for other purposes. Columns A and B are meant to guide you to the correct lines. Column O and beyond contain formulae and charts that depend on what you enter in Colums C-N.
  3. Never enter anything but data into the spreadsheet. It is an open sheet set up for numerical analysis. Addition of non-numerical data can ruin the calculations and plots. Putting the wrong or right things in the wrong places can do the same. Please be careful: you are entrusted with a spreadsheet that you share with many other students who depend on it.                


Survey - do at the end!

Please take this student survey online after the videoconference. Each student should take this individually.