Neutrino Masterclass Archive 2021


Neutrino Masterclass Institutes

Watch this space for updates for IMC 2021.

Location Institution Contact Contact Other
Barranquilla, Colombia Universidad Atlantico Acero    
Batavia IL, USA Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Fava Carter  
Fairfax VA, USA George Mason University Rubin Roudebush  
Fort Collins CO, USA Colorado State University Wilson    
Knoxville TN, USA University of Tennessee Knoxville Gollapinni Gunthoti  
Lead SD, USA Sanford Lab Norris Keeter  
Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico Mendez Santana  
Minneapolis MN, USA University of Minnesota Pawloski Wood  
Qingdao, China Amerasia International School Madden    
Syracuse NY, USA Syracuse University Soderberg    
Valencia, Spain Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular Apirici    


Data Assignments 2021:

International Masterclasses

Date/time CT Institute (Data Group) Institute (Data Group) Institute (Data Group) Spreadsheet
Sat 16 Jan/12:00 AAPT Winter Meeting (A) AAPT Winter Meeting (B)   AAPT-WM-16jan2021
Fri 26 Feb/13:00 Pittsburgh (A)     FNAL-26Feb2021
Wed 03 Mar/12:00 Rochester (B)     FNAL-03Mar2021
Thu 04 Mar/08:00 Amman (C) Manchester (D) New Delhi (G) FNAL-04Mar2021
Sat 06 Mar/14:00 Piscataway (E) Minneapolis (F)   FNAL-06Mar2021
Thu 11 Mar/14:00 Batavia (A) Medford (B) Mishawaka (C) FNAL-11Mar2021
Sat 13 Mar/15:00 Mayaguez (G)     FNAL-13Mar2021
Mon 12 April Castle Rock (A)     FNAL-12Apr2021
Wed 19 May/8:30 Wayzata (A)     FNAL-19May2021
Wed 21 July Madrid (B)     CIEMAT-21Jul2021
Thu 22 July ASP-TP (A)     ASP-TP-22Jul2021
Tue 03 Aug Hadron Conference (A)     HC-3Aug2021
Sat 04 Sept [email protected] (A)     [email protected]

If >50 students are expected, contact Masterclass Coordination for more data groups.


All MINERvA Data for International Masterclasses:

  1. mergedTuples 1-25
  2. mergedTuples 26-50
  3. mergedTuples 51-75
  4. mergedTuples 76-100
  5. mergedTuples 101-125
  6. mergedTuples 126-150
  7. mergedTuples 151-175
  8. practiceTuples (includes teacherTuple and Archive)

Each mergedTuple has ~50 "gates" with multiple events. The student must find the useful event, if it exists, in each gate.



2021 Schedule for MINERvA masterclass videoconferences moderated by Fermilab

This will be updated as registrations are received.

Times are in U.S. Central Time. (Convert to your time zone.) This schedule is subject to change.

Date/time (U.S. Central Time) Institutes Moderator(s) Staff Zoom link
Fri 26 Feb/13:00 Pittsburgh Norrick Cecire webinar
Wed 03 Mar/12:00 Rochester Olivier Wood webinar
Thu 04 Mar/08:00 Manchester, Amman, New Delhi Olivier Wood webinar
Sat 06 Mar/14:00 Piscataway, Minneapolis Junk Pasero webinar
Thu 11 Mar/14:00 Medford, Mishawaka Martinez Wood webinar
Sat 13 Mar/13:30 Mayaguez Fine Pasero webinar
Wed 19 May/08:30 Wayzata Olivier Wood videocon