Quarknet at U. C. Riverside, Annual Report for 2016

P.I.s: Robert Clare, Owen Long

CMS e-lab Workshop: We held a 2-day QuarkNet CMS e-lab Workshop at UCR on July 14 and 15, 2016 with two teachers participating as well as a QuarkNet Leadership Fellow (Robert Baker). Shane Wood from QuarkNet used the opportunity to try out a new version of the CMS e-lab software, and the teachers benefited greatly from this. A lot of feedback was provided to Shane over the two days. 

Day one of the 2-day workshop started with the opportunity for teachers to chat and ask the mentors LHC-related questions, followed by working through two activities from QuarkNet's data portfolio: Mass of the Z and CMS Data Express. Teachers were introduced to both the original CMS e-Lab site, along with the new site under development. Day two of this workshop began with time for the teachers to work on particular investigation in the e-Lab and build an accompanying online poster. While working, the teachers noted problems with the e-Lab and aspects they appreciated; both helpful in making the new site more useful and user-friendly. The teachers presented their poster upon completion of their investigation, then discussed classroom implementation.