Register in 2017 for W2D2

14 November 2017



Register your group here for World Wide Data Day!


Notes and Instructions:

  • World Wide Data Day 2017 will be held from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on 14th November 2017. When you convert to your local time zone, some of this interval may fall on 1st or 3rd December, depending on your location and the time.
  • You may convert times at
  • Registration should be done by the leader of your W2D2 team. Usually, this is the teacher in a school.
  • Please note that the first 6 items in the Registration form are required. 
  • Student videoconferences with moderators are up to 30 minutes long. Times are assigned in advance. You should choose the interval(s) in which your group is available for a videoconference. Each interval is 2 hours long; your videoconfernce will be assigned with one of the intervals you choose. If you need to express your time more specifically, please add a comment at the end of the form. Make sure you convert between UTC and your own time zone!


Access the registration form here:


Registration is due by 12:00 UTC on Tuesday 24th October 2017.


Questions? Contact us!