CMS Data Workshop at Minnesota

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Location: Tate Laboratory of Physics, Room 130



Participating teachers:

  • gain knowledge and skills to successfully complete investigations using LHC data;
  • interpret event displays from CMS and explain their meaning;
  • conduct LHC investigations with students and successfully prepare them for masterclass; and
  • assist mentors in organizing and facilitating a masterclass.



Tuesday 13 August 2013

09:00     Coffee and Daily Opener 

09:15     Introduction/Objectives

09:30     LHC and CMS (J. Mans)

10:30     Break

10:45     QuarkNet Classroom Activities: 

12:00     Working  lunch (continue classroom activities)

13:00     Synthesis/Whiteboard--Classroom Activities

13:30     U of M Physics Demo (Tate 150; B. Anderson)

14:30     Transition back to Tate 130; Break

14:45    CMS Data Express

15:45     Wrap-up 

16:00     End of day

Wednesday 14 August 2013

09:00     Coffee/Recap of Yesterday/Plan for Today

09:30     CMS W/Z Measurement

12:00     Lunch (Fermilab Pre-tour Information)

13:00     Extensions: Intro to e-Labs, Accounts

13:30     Synthesis/Whiteboard--Implementation

14:00     Break

14:15     CMS Data Workshop wrap-up

  • Discussion
  • Evaluation

14:45     Curriculum Swap

16:00     End of workshop