Iowa QuarkNet Center

Iowa physicist, students, and teachers at the frontier of particle physics.


  • Yasar Onel, Mentor
  • Mike Grannen, Lead Teacher
  • Chris Like, Lead Teacher

The Iowa QuarkNet Center is a collaboration of the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and Iowa physics teachers to improve education and bring students into particle physics research.

Links :

University of Iowa Annual Report 2023

    See attached for the 2023 Annual Report. 

University of Iowa Summer Teacher Institute 2023

/* /*]]>*/ July 25-July29 /* /*]]>*/ Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:30 Introductions Rolling With Rutherford Profile with Quarknet…

Iowa 2021 QuarkNet Summer Teacher Workshop

July 5-9 2020  University of Iowa   Day 4: Thursday, July 8 Time (CDT) Activity Remarks 09:00 Pre-Workshop Zoom sign-in and handshake Whip-around: Intros and "how are you…

The University of Iowa QuarkNet 2018 Summer Institute

Agenda for CMS E-Lab workshop@ Univ. of Iowa, July 9 and 10

July 9-10, 2018 Van Allen Hall   Objectives Participating teachers will be able to: Identify particles colliding and emerging from collisions at the LHC from CMS data. Interpret the physical…

CERN open data analysis for Z prime decay

Cosmic Ray Detector Measurements

Annual Report 2017

2016 The University of Iowa Quarknet Annual Report

During the summer of 2016, three teachers and six students from Bettendorf High School engaged in research for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) forward calorimeter group at The University of Iowa.  …

2016 Iowa CMS Implementation Plans

As you consider implementation plans, consider how you might use the materials presented in this CMS Data Workshop in your classroom in one or more of the following areas. Using some of the data…