iSPI Fermilab and CMS Prep

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Fermilab and Acclerators

Experimental Partlcle Physics: Measuring what we cannot see

  • Rolling with Rutherford
  • Accelerating Marbles


CMS - Calculating Z Mass

Example 1: Muons in 2 dimensions

Example 2: Electrons in 3 dimensions


Supplementary material

Fermilab Slides and Discussion

Investigating accelerators

(use this Google sheet and online resources)

  • Group 1: Hadron Colliders 
  • Group 2: Electron Colliders 
  • Group 3: Light Sources 
  • Group 4: Cyclotrons

Questions for each group:

  • What is it? (Google it!)
  • How does accelerator size affect energy? (Make plots and find out.)

Playing with particles

  • Quark Puzzle
  • Particle Cards