QuarkNet Center Staff Assignments as of January 2020

Each QuarkNet Center has a Staff member assigned to be the main point of contact with QuarkNet Central. The assignments are:

Center Staff
Black Hills State University Shane Wood
Boston Area Ken Cecire
Brookhaven National Lab - Stony Brook Ken Cecire
Catholic University of America Ken Cecire
Colorado State University Shane Wood
Fermilab - University of Chicago Spencer Pasero
Florida Institutue of Technology Shane Wood
Florida International University Shane Wood
Florida State University Shane Wood
Idaho State University Ken Cecire
Johns Hopkins University Ken Cecire
Kansas State University Shane Wood
Lawrence Berkeley Lab Ken Cecire
Northern Illinois University Spencer Pasero
Oklahoma State University Ken Cecire
Purdue University Ken Cecire
Purdue University Northwest Spencer Pasero
Queensborough Community College Ken Cecire
Rice University - University of Houston Shane Wood
Rutgers University Ken Cecire
Southern Methodist University Shane Wood
Syracuse University Shane Wood
Texas Tech University Shane Wood
University at Buffalo Shane Wood
University of California - Riverside Shane Wood
University of California - Santa Cruz Ken Cecire
University of Cincinnati Ken Cecire
University of Florida Ken Cecire
University of Hawaii Shane Wood
University of Illinois - Chicago State University Spencer Pasero & Mark Adams
University of Iowa - Iowa State University Spencer Pasero
University of Kansas Shane Wood
University of Minnesota Shane Wood
University of Mississippi Ken Cecire
University of New Mexico Shane Wood
University of Notre Dame Ken Cecire
University of Oklahoma Ken Cecire
University of Oregon Shane Wood
University of Pennsylvania Ken Cecire
University of Puerto Rico Ken Cecire
University of Rochester Ken Cecire
University of Tennessee Ken Cecire
University of Washington Shane Wood
University of Wisconsin Spencer Pasero
Vanderbilt University Ken Cecire
Virginia (HU-WM-GMU) Ken Cecire
Virginia Tech University Ken Cecire
Virtual Ken Cecire
Wayne State University Ken Cecire