How to search on a person, place, or thing

It is not hard to perform a search in the QuarkNet site if one knows where to look.

If looking for a QuarkNet center or other group, please consult the article How to find a QuarkNet center group.

If looking for a QuarkNet member or another topic, use the search boxes:

  • For a person, type in the name, username, or e-mail address in the 'Search Users' box.
  • For a topic in a group you belong to, go to My groups under My Stuff, and use the 'Search' textbox.
  • For a topic outside the group, type it in the 'Search Site Content' box.


In 'Search Site Content', a well-known topic like 'proton' yields many results. Something more elusive may yield only one or tow hits - or none. Here is what happens when we search on 'color change':


OK, now that we've used "color charge" in this article, we'll probably get one more hit.  Note that if you want to search on something else, there is a search box just above your results.



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