2016 JHU Summer Workshop - Agenda / List of Talks


Monday 25 July  

9:00-10:00 Introduction to QuarkNet (Jeremy Smith, Hereford HS)


10:00-11:00 Special Relativity in a LIGO Context  (Dr. Bruce Barnett, JHU)


11:00-12:00 Resonances ("Bumps") at the LHC (Dr. Andrei Gritsan, JHU) 





Tuesday 29 July



General Relativity in a LIGO Context  (Dr. Bruce Barnett, JHU)



Did LIGO Detect Dark Matter? (Dr. Marc Kamionkowski, JHU)

(link to paper on arXiv)

(link to primary author Simeon Bird's talk at STScI on 20 July 2016)

(youtube videos: laser interferometer basics; publicity video from original discovery; second discovery including "chirp" sound of the merger!)




Accelerator Physics (Dr. Morris Swartz, JHU)

Some youtube videos: the one that Morris showed; a slightly longer one with more details)


ATLAS Publicity Photo    



Wednesday 30 July

9:00-10:00 Modeling the Frictional Force (Dr. Mark Robbins, JHU)

Link to online version of a 2005 talk at Kitt Peak

Webcast of a Public talk at Kitt Peak


10:00-11:00 ISE Workshop in Greece; or, "My Quarknet Junket." (Mr. John Pisanic, Damascus HS)


11:00-12:00 The Role of Muon Lifetime (updated) in the Standard Model Dr. Morris Swartz, JHU)

Andrei Gritsan gave a talk about Higgs stuff 2 years ago; talks more about "metastable universe" and Higgs potential stuff.



Thursday 31 July

9:00-10:00 Summer Students: Summary of Research 

Click here for their posters (PDF) and summary abstracts.

(Hereford HS: Jack, Kyle)

(Richard Montgomery HS: Tatiana, Simon, Jason, Isabelle)



Radio Astronomy in the classroom (Kevin Martz, Richard Montgomery HS)

Histograms in the classroom (Jeremy Smith, Hereford HS)



11:00-12:00 Nanotechnology (Dr. Joan Hoffmann, APL) (link pending Dr. Hoffmann's approval)



Rick Dower provided a parts list for the interferometer he showed us yesterday. (Word Docx)

He also has an activity for showing diffraction patterns from a spring, to show similarity to DNA X-ray diffraction pattern!

Tim Durkin has a worksheet he uses with the Powers of Ten videos/animations (Word Doc)


Friday 1 August

9:00-10:00 Status of the CLASS experiment (Dr. Joseph Eimer, JHU)

Bonus: What does the word "flat" mean in cosmology? (Physicsgirl on YouTube)

Bonuss: Watch our "map" of the cosmic microwave background improve in resolution from COBE to WMAP to Planck. (YouTube)

Planck Satellite Image of the CMB   


10:00-11:00 Brightly Shining Black Holes (Dr. Julian Krolik, JHU)

Bonus: Watch some animations of the stars orbiting the Milky Way's center!

Bonuss: Dr. Krolik and his team's NASA -published simulation of a black hole accretion disk



11:00-12:00 M83 Supernova Remnants (Dr. Bill Blair)

Bonus: Dr. Blair's 2010 talk about the survey (PPT); another by his colleague Knox Long (PDF)

Bonuss: Dr. Blair's "How Big is a Billion?" talk

Here is a link to download SAOImage DS9, a free software package for viewing telescope images that has Chandra X-ray images pre-loaded into it. And here is the Chandra Education page that explains how to use it. Main Chandra Ed page here has lots more!