2020 QuarkNet Workshop - OSU

July 29-31, 2020

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Wednesday, July 29

12:30    Opening Activities (Joe & Shane)

1:00     STEP UP Program (Shane & Mike)

  • Introduction to the program & partnership with QuarkNet
  • STEP UP materials & QuarkNet STEP UP materials
  • LINKS:

1:30     QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Changing the Culture (Mike & Penny)

2:30     BREAK

2:45    QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Careers in Physics (Mike & Penny)

Tasks for Careers in Physics

Task 1 (Student Hat): Pre-Lesson Brainstorm
What careers can you pursue with a bachelor's degree in physics?

Task 2 (Student Hat): Exploring Careers

  1. Take Career Goals Survey and read through 1-2 physicist profiles whose career interests match your own. (Click here and scroll down to see a hard copy of all of the current profiles.)
  2. Break-out rooms...Each person share information about one of your matches...describe the job and skills needed. Any surprises?
  3. Large group...Revisit word cloud example (pre lesson) from task one. Now check out the word cloud example (post lesson). Any additions?
  4. Physics Careers & Salaries (pdf version), then discuss...
    1. Any surprises?
    2. Any comment on any of the following...feelings about job security? ...job satisfaction claims? ...the application of physics skills/knowlege in other fields? ...salaries? ...on jobs that can help others?

Task 3 (Teacher Hat): Personal Career Profile

Task 4 (Teacher Hat): Teacher Reflection

Answer the following in your break-out groups; record responses on the padlet wall.

  1. In what way might you implement all or some of this lesson's tasks into your classroom?
  2. At what point in the school year do you think this lesson works best?
  3. Will you implement the entire lesson in one day, or will you divide the tasks over multiple days?
  4. How might you overcome challenges in implementing this lesson with your students?

~3:45    End of Day 1 Reflection & Homework for tomorrow

~4:00    End of Day 1





Thursday, July 30

12:30    Opening Activity

1:00     QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Women in Physics Tasks 1-2 (Penny & Mike)

2:00     BREAK & do first bullet of next agenda item

2:20    QuarkNet STEP UP Activity: Women in Physics Task 3 (Penny & Mike)

  • Personal reflection writing prompt (during break)
    • Who do you feel comfortable working with in class? • Do you feel more comfortable in any particular class? • Have you felt your abilities were questioned? • Have you seen or experienced gender biases in your own life, either purposeful or unintentional?
  • Break into groups and discuss experiences. (~15')
  • Whole group discussion 
  • In break-out groups, discuss options for implementation using your "teacher hat."
  • QuarkNet STEP UP Survey

3:20    BREAK

3:30    End of Day Items (Shane)

  • Housekeeping items
    • Sign-in
    • Circle back to QuarkNet accounts
    • Friday Flyer? (Anyone not get this?)
  • Tomorrow: Prepare for Share-A-Thon

~4:00 - End for the day




Friday, July 31

12:30    Opening Activity

  • Reflect on yesterday's activities.
  • Any questions?

1:00    Share-a-thon

3:00    Ending activities

  • Implementation plan - Break-out groups...record responses on Padlet
    • How can STEP-UP and other QuarkNet activities fit in curriculum?
  • Survey:
  • Planning: In-person  or virtual meeting during the 2020-2021 school year??



Stipend Reimbursement



Joe Haley, OSU
John Stupak, OU
Ken Cecire, QN Staff
Shane Wood, QN Staff
Penny Blue, STEP UP Ambassador & QN Fellow
Mike Fetsko, STEP UP Ambassador & QN Fellow