BNL-SB Virtual Summer Workshop 2021


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Indico agenda:



Participants will

  • Update their QuarkNet membership and activity
  • Develop ideas and questions based on neutrino physics and other presentations
  • Write or edit Python scripts in Google Colaboratory
  • Analyze neutrino data in Google Colaboratory
  • Develop an implementation plan.



Times in EDT

Time Tue 06 July Wed 07 July Thu 08 July Fri 09 July

Greetings and Introductions (Winters)

QuarkNet Re-Introduction (Cecire)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (Kerstin Kleese van Dam, BNL) Introduction to Neutrino Physics (Mary Bishai, BNL) (slides) Introduction to Quantum Computing (Paul Stankus, BNL)
10:15-10:30 Break Break Break Break

Intro to Coding (DiMenna, Coyle)

Practical Code for Physics Class (DiMenna, Coyle)

  • Position graphs
    • Task: analyze Position graphs
    • Skills: modify a loop, define a function, format a plot, add a grid
  • Velocity graphs
    • Task: Analyze Velocity graphs
    • Skills: modify a loop, define a function, format a plot
  • Projectile in Air
    • Task: Model the motion of a projectile in air
    • Skills: modify a loop, define a function, format a plot

MINERvA Neutrino Masterclass (Coyle, DiMenna)

Implementation Plans (Wood)

  • Info to convey:
    • Teacher name
    • Activity Title or Description
    • Class(es) in which used 
    • Grade Level(s)
    • Connected curriculum topic(s) or practice(s):
    • Reason(s) for choosing:
    • Expected challenges or pitfalls
    • Other comments
  • Student activity should come from one of these:
    • Anything we have done in the workshop so far, or
    • Something from the Data Activities Portfolio.
  • Work in teams of two
  • This is not a contract. You do not have to use this plan in your class...but we hope you do!
  • Share out when finished
  • Copy of implementation form
  • Finish Survey if needed
  • Finalize update to your profile if needed.