Physics in and Through Cosmology 2019



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From Nu to Z: Two particle experiments

Teachers, Monday June 24 Students, Tuesday June 25

09:30   Nuts and Bolts

10:00   Neutrino Physics Tutorial (make your slides)

11:00   Fermilab Virtual Visit

11:30    MINERvA slides

12:00   Lunch (download HYPATIA for use next day)

13:00   MINERvA Masterclass Measurement

14:30   Neutrino Data Actviities

15:30   Discussion

16:00   end of day

08:30   Gather and warm-up 

09:00   Safety Presentation (Ingrid Peterson)

09:15  Particle Physics: An Introduction (Haichen Wang)

09:45   MINERvA Neutrino Masterclass introduction

10:15   Break

10:30   MINERvA Masterclass Measurement

12:00   Lunch 

13:00   The LHC as a gluon factory: the strong force in action with the ATLAS detector (Ben Nachman)

13:45   Introduction to World Wide Data Day ATLAS Measurement

14:15   Break

14:30   ATLAS World Wide Data Day Measurement

16:00   end of day