UW Summer Cosmic Ray workshops

This is a three day workshop for high school teachers and students during which they receive training in the use of QuarkNet's cosmic ray muo​​n detector (CRMD), eLab and LHC master class. The eLab provides an online environment in which students, working in a research group, experience the environment of scientific collaborations in a series of investigations into high-energy cosmic rays. 



  • Cosmic Ray Muon Detector manual [pdf​] by Chunyang Ding


Mentor: Prof. Shih-Chieh Hsu <schsu@uw.edu>
UW QUarkNet Lead Teacher: Rose Emanuel <astroemanuel@gmail.com> 
UW QuarkNet Staff: Mark Adams <adams@fnal.gov>
Technical Support: Steve Strausz
UW QuarkNet Fellow: David Trapp <dtrapp@mac.com>​
Workshop Documents and Links
Introduction to Cosmic Rays
CMS e-Lab
Copies of Talks
Other Resources
  • VIDEO: Ring of Truth- Phillip Morrison (PBS)Morrison's 1987 PBS series, THE RING OF TRUTH, where in the episode "Mapping" he drives along a longitude line from border to border, demonstrating *pre-modern navigation* using Eratosthenes’ method to find latitudes, and Cassini’s tables of Jupiter’s moons to find longitude.
  • Compton Cosmic Ray Studies with Electroscopes -Arthur H. Compton's organization of expeditions in the early 1930s to measure cosmic ray fluxes with uniform instrumentation (electroscopes) at many sites in the US and around the world. This article details his journeys.
  • Chunyang Ding​'s muon text book - hands-on experiments for the CRMD