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Spotlight on the Rice University/University of Houston QuarkNet Center

2018 Annual Report


University of Minnesota QuarkNet Center Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

Rice University/University of Houston 2018 Annual Report

In the past academic year, the QuarkNet program in the Greater Houston Area has seen two major events: a CMS master class and a one-week workshop. Both were held on the Rice campus.

2018 Annual Report

Student Summer Research and Teacher Workshop Annual Report

Brookhaven - Stony Brook QuarkNet meeting, 26 Oct 2018




Proposal for MINOS tunnel - muon rates versus distance from access shaft

Participaqnts from four high schools plan to meet Sunday Oct. 28, 2018 to develop a proposal to Fermilab to measure the rate of muons versus the distance from the access shaft.

UIC Annual Report 2018

Our Center analyzed data from The 2017 Eclipse project.  Teachers and students presented their results at APPT in San Diego Jan. 2018.

We also participated in a CMS Master Class at Glenbrook North, videoing with students from Shangai and Honolulu.

The summer workshop was hosted at Naperville Central.  teams measured the muon rate versus overburden sheilding.  During a  tour of Fermilab neutrino facilities our group assessed the MINOS access shaft in preparation for a proposal to measure cosmic ray muon rates versus distance from the shaft.

2018 Annual Report - Oklahoma State

Thank you to everyone involved for making 2018 a huge success.

We has two ATLAS Masterclasses in the spring.  Although a few high schools had to cancel due to the Oklahoma teacher walkout, we still got two teachers to bring 17 students from area high schools.   (2018 ATLAS Masterclass Photos:

Boston QuarkNet Center 2017-2018 annual Report


Submitted by Richard Dower

PDF of this report

2018 Annual Report - Vanderbilt University

Synopsis of the years activities and QuarkNet personnel, mostly this is the maintaining and lending of Cosmic Ray Muon Detectors and the week-long workshop in the summer. This year the workshop was the week of 25-29 June 2018 at Vanderbilt University.