Minnesota - Fall 2017 Workshop Day

QuarkNet Workshop 2017 - University of Minnesota

November 4, 2017

LIGO International Teacher Program

International Physics & Astronomy Program for Educators

Friday Flyer - November 3, 2017

Spotlight on the Florida State University QuarkNet Center

Quarknet QCC Center 2017 annual report Posted

QuarkNet 2017 at the University of Pennsylvania

Friday Flyer - October 20, 2017

Spotlight on University of Oklahoma QuarkNet Center  

2017 QuarkNet Annual Report Hawaii

QuarkNet at Wayne State University

QuarkNet at Johns Hopkins University

Friday Flyer - October 6, 2017

Spotlight on the Colorado State University QuarkNet Center

Located along the Colorado Front Range in Fort Collin, this center just completed its sixth year in QuarkNet. Led by lead teachers Cherie Bornhorst, Zach Armstrong, and Adam Pearlstein, along with mentor Bob Wilson, this summer's workshop came in two parts: a two-day CMS e-Lab workshop in which teachers explored the new CMS e-Lab, and a field trip to DUNE at the Homestake Mine in South Dakota. Though last spring this center was unable to hold its masterclass at CSU due to a snow storm (second year in a row!), this didn't stop teachers Chris Nichols and Roger Felch from holding the masterclass at their high school with 30 students participating!