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Design and construction of a cosmic ray detector array for undergraduate research, Armendariz et al

talk on Condensed Matter

Danielle McDermott's talk on Condense Matter

to virtual QuarkNet Group

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University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez QuarkNet Center Annual Report 2017

The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (UPRM) QuarkNet center had an active and interesting 2016-2017. On November 12-13, 2016, Mark Adams facilitated a cosmic ray workshop with the teachers. He also, in the surrounding days, went to several schools to help teachers with their detectors and cosmic ray studies. 

Designing, Building, and Testing Components for Cosmic Ray Detectors, Arroyo et al

Working with cosmic rays, Li et al

Cosmic Ray Muon Detector Array program, Chen et al, 2017

Friday Flyer - December 8, 2017

Project GRAND 2017

Project GRAND uses proportional wire chamber stations to measure muons as they hit the ground.  Keeping the stations operational by troubleshooting various hardware and software issues was a major part of the summer work.  20 station huts were brought back online.  Upgrades to the project included updating parts of the monitoring software, updating the wiki, re-writing directions for the gas changeover procedures, and building a better understanding of the system’s data storage and retrieval process.  New investigations included compiling data to search for solar flares,

Developing a Microtubule Dynamic Instability tutorial