Rochester QuarkNet/CMS Masterclass 2017 Report

On April 7, 2017, the University of Rochester Department of Physics and Astronomy hosted a CMS masterclass that was attended by approximately 40 high-school students from Canandaigua and Gates-Chilli, NY. The host was Prof. Garcia-Bellido who gave an introductory talk on particle physics, the LHC, CMS, and the masterclass objectives of identifying events originating from W, Z, or Higgs boson production.

QuarkNet Annual Report 2017

The UF QuarkNet Center ran two workshops during the summer of 2017: one for 2 days in June and the second for 3 days in August. Between 8-10 local teachers participated, depending on the workshop. The first workshop, led by Ken Cecire of QuarkNet, reacquainted the teachers with the principles of particle physics. Prof.

Annual Report 2017

Attendance for Summer Qnet Workshop, 08.16.17-08.18.17

QuarkNet Annual Report 2017 for University of Mississippi

QuarkNet Annual Report 2017 - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

September 24, 2017

Test Annual Report

Comparing Measured Values from a Fixed Parallel Plate Capacitor Instrument and Theoretical Values for Capacitors in Parallel

Quinn Brodsky (The Hockaday School), Garrett Gu (Texas Academy of Math and Science), Danita Mathew (Garland High School), Aaron McAnalley (Harmony Science Academy Euless), Swati Ravi (Greenhill School), Dylan Robertson (Plano Senior High School), Aniya Showers (Garland High School), Vijay Vuyyuru (Plano East Senior High School)

John Thompson Science Department, Plano East Senior High School 3000 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074

Jingbo Ye Physics Department, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275 USA 

Friday Flyer - September 22, 2017

Spotlight on: the University at Buffalo QuarkNet Center 

This center held its 11th annual summer workshop for teachers this August, with six teachers in attendance. Professors Ia Iashvili and Avto Kharchilava organized the three-day workshop, beginning with a day of updates from LIGO and the LHC, followed by a two-day CMS e-Lab workshop. Teachers worked through several Data Portfolio activities, learned how the CMS detector works, then analyzed data using the new and improved CMS e-Lab. In addition to the summer workshop, the Buffalo center hosted local students last spring for the CMS masterclass.  

Search and Identification of Short-Period Variable Stars

Keri Christian (Clark High School), Allie Frymire (Greenhill School), Holly Hodge (Plano Senior High School), Rithvik Ramesh (IB World School at Plano East Senior High School), Daniel Sela (Yorktown Education), Jorden Terrazas (Harmony Science Academy Euless), Muaz Wahid (Parish Episcopal School), Grace Wolfe (All Saints Episcopal School)

Guven Yilmaz (Harmony Science Academy Euless)

Farley Ferrante (Southern Methodist University)