MICA II Workshop in Santiago

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Participating teachers:

  • gain knowledge and skills to successfully complete investigations using LHC data;
  • interpret event displays from ATLAS and explain their meaning;
  • conduct LHC investigations with students and successfully prepare them for masterclass; and
  • assist mentors in organizing and facilitating a masterclass.

Participating scientists:

  • exchange knowledge and skills in particle physics research.
  • deepen the working relationship between Catolica and Notre Dame.
  • are enabled to facilitate particle physics education and outreach activities.
  • assist teachers in international collaboration.



Thursday 26 February 2015

16:30     Particle Physics Research Mini-Workshop (Indico page)


  • Pat Mooney and Daniela Gayoso, CMS Data Analysis
  • Adam Martin, Getting ready for LHC14, Higgs distributions and hunting electroweakinos
  • Marco A. Diaz, Higgs Boson(s) and Supersymmetry
  • Joe Bramante (from Notre Dame via Vidyo), Asymmetric dark matter and pulsars falling into black holes at the center of the galaxy
  • German A. Gomez, Fermi-LAT view of the Galactic Center
  • Pedro Ochoa, Reactor Antineutrinos: the Ghosts of Nuclear Power Plants


Friday 27 February 2015

09:30     Registration and greetings

10:00     Intro presentation (Marco Aurelio Diaz)

10:30    QuarkNet classroom activities:  

12:30     Lunch

14:00    Cloud chamber construction and use

15:30     Organizational time

16:00     finished for day

Saturday 28 February 2015

10:00    LHC/ATLAS presentation (E. Carquin)

10:30    Particle Adventure (J. P. Ochoa)

11:00    All-hands examination of ATLAS events  (slides)

11:30    ATLAS virtual visit

12:30     Lunch

13:30     ATLAS Z-path measurement

14:30     Discussion of results

15:00     Organizational time and evaluation

15:30     Cookies!