MICAb - Masterclass Institutes Collaborating in the Americas and beyond





Participating teachers:

  • gain knowledge and skills to successfully complete investigations using LHC data;
  • interpret event displays from ATLAS or CMS and explain their meaning;
  • conduct LHC investigations with students and successfully prepare them for masterclass; and
  • assist mentors in organizing and facilitating a masterclass.

Participating students:

  • assist their fellow students in the masterclass.




Institutes 2014 

Institute Location Workshop Dates Measurement
University of West Indies Mona, Jamaica February 11 CMS WZH
Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City, Mexico February 16  CMS WZH
Universidad de San Francisco de Quito Quito, Ecuador February 20-21 CMS WZH
Universidad Antonio Narino Bogota, Colombia February 24-25 ATLAS Z
Universidad de los Andes Bogota, Colombia February 26 CMS WZH
Universidad de Antioquia Medellin, Colombia February 27 ATLAS Z
MICA I at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chile March 8-9 ATLAS Z


Institutes 2015

Institute Location Dates Measurement
MICA II at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chile February 26-28 ATLAS Z


Institutes 2016

Institute Location Dates Activities
MICA III at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chile March 5-12
  • Cosmic Ray workshops
  • School workshops
  • ATLAS Z measurement
  • J/Ψ analysis


Institutes 2018

Institute Location Dates Activities
COSMICA at Universidad Iberoamericana and Universidad de Colima Mexico City and Colima, Mexico January 7-19 and November 5-10
  • Masterclasses
  • Data Workshops
  • CMS Research Workshop
  • Theory Workshop 
MICA IV at Pontificia Universidad Catolica and beyond Santiago, Chile and rural Chile  30 April - 16 May
  • Cosmciic ray measurements
  • Masterclasses