Data Workshops Summer-Fall 2015

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Current Schedule of QuarkNet Data Workshops

DatesLocation, linked to pageTypeFacilitator(s)RemarksEst. No. Participants
13-14 JulySyracuse UniversityCMSWood 4
13-16 JulyColorado State University*Cosmic (pre-pilot)Cecirenot ready for evaluation; in development6
21-22 JulyJohns Hopkins UniversityCMSCecire, Dowerfollowed by CMS e-Lab 23-24 July20
27-28 JulyUniversity of KansasCMSDower 10
29-31 JulyFermilabCMSWood 20
10-11 AugustCollege of William and MaryCMSCecire, Fetskofollowed by cosmic activities6
20-21 AugustBuffaloCMSWood 8
17 OctoberUniversity of Puerto Rico*Cosmic (pre-pilot)Cecirenot ready for evaluation; in development12

* Not official Data Workshops but "Explorations" to develop new activities for future Data Workshops.


Off-shell Workshops

These are not QuarkNet workshops, though they may draw on QuarkNet resources.

DatesLocation, linked to pageTypeFacilitator(s)RemarksEst. No. Participants
9-10 JulyWaubonsee Community CollegeInsights into Research Cheung, Jindal, Glover, SchmitCMS-oriented20
17 JulyUniversity of Notre DameiLEDMooney, Ziegler, Chorny, MullinsCMS and cosmic 
27-31 JulyUniversity of Notre DameiSPI week 1Loughran, Mooney, Chornycosmic-oriented 
3-7 AugustUniversity of Notre DameiSPI week 2Loughran, Mooney, FetskoCMS-oriented 
19-20 SeptUniversity of TokyoQuarkNet/ILC JapanCecire, ShafferILC and cosmic12
26-27 SeptAmerican School in JapanMasterclass OpportunityCecire, KlammerATLAS and CMS5