Virtual QuarkNet Center

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on Friday, May 31, 2013 - 07:51

The Virtual QuarkNet Center is a group of teachers, generally far from a geographic QuarkNet center but who work together using online tools to collaborate. Virtual QuarkNet Center teachers have monthly Sunday evening videoconferences during the school year and meet face-to-face once each summer. The teachers participate in cosmic ray studies using the cosmic ray e-Lab and in international masterclasses from their schools. The mentors, Antonio Delgado, a particle physicist at the University of Notre Dame, and Danielle McDermott, condensed matter physicist at Pacific Univerisity; emeritus mentor Dan Karmgard, another Notre Dame particle physicist; the lead teachers, Dave Trapp ( and Mike Wadness, are QuarkNet fellows from Washington and Massachusetts, respectively.


VQC is a group of QuarkNet teachers who are separated geographically but collaborate online.

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