Virtual QuarkNet Center

VQC is a group of QuarkNet teachers who are separated geographically but collaborate online.


Danielle McDermott, Mentor
Dave Trapp, Lead Teacher
Mike Wadness, Lead Teacher

The Virtual QuarkNet Center is a group of teachers, generally far from a geographic QuarkNet center but who work together using online tools to collaborate. Virtual QuarkNet Center teachers have monthly Sunday evening videoconferences during the school year and meet face-to-face once each summer. The teachers participate in cosmic ray studies using the cosmic ray e-Lab and in international masterclasses from their schools. The mentors, Antonio Delgado, a particle physicist at the University of Notre Dame, and Danielle McDermott, condensed matter physicist at Pacific Univerisity; emeritus mentor Dan Karmgard, another Notre Dame particle physicist; the lead teachers, Dave Trapp ( and Mike Wadness, are QuarkNet fellows from Washington and Massachusetts, respectively.

Links :

VQN Summer Workshop 2017: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Objectives Participating teachers will:   Be able to complete Masterclass prep activities on their own. Be able to implement Masterclass prep activities in their classroom. Be able to complete the…

Introduction the Dark Matter

Click below to view Antonio's pdf on Dark Matter.

Beta Decay Anomaly

Guest speaker, Dennis E. Krause, gave a talk to the Virtual QuarkNet group during our December 2016 video conference on what many consider unexpected annual periodicities discovered in rates of beta…

Source Material From the Lead Ion Talk on 11/20/16

Hi all,   Here is a link to all the source material from the talk last night (11/20/16) about the visual cosmic ray detector in the lead ion beam at CERN. Everything can be found at http://freyr.phys…

Virtual Center Annual Report

Virtual Center Annual Report 2016 This year The Virtual Center was very successful. We continue to meet virtually once a month via video conference. This summer 8 members of our group choose to meet…

Link to Shane Larson's Talk

X-Ray Diffraction and DNA Lab Activity

Hello Everyone, Here is the the lab activity that uses the diffraction pattern of a spring as an analogy to the famous x-ray diffraction of DNA.  This lab is written by Rick Dower who adapted it from…

Preconceptions in Mechanics by Camp and Clement

Danielle's LIGO Workspace

Hello World!  Questions from the powers that be on seismology: What are the types of seismic waves? How are they different from one another? s-waves or shear waves (transverse!!!) p-waves or…

The Gents; Virtual meeting 2016, LIGO questions

Why seismic waves are important to LIGO All kinds of things shake the ground and therefore affect the interferometers. These background vibrations have to be "subracted" just as background radiation…