Virtual QuarkNet Center

VQC is a group of QuarkNet teachers who are separated geographically but collaborate online.


Danielle McDermott, Mentor
Dave Trapp, Lead Teacher
Mike Wadness, Lead Teacher

The Virtual QuarkNet Center is a group of teachers, generally far from a geographic QuarkNet center but who work together using online tools to collaborate. Virtual QuarkNet Center teachers have monthly Sunday evening videoconferences during the school year and meet face-to-face once each summer. The teachers participate in cosmic ray studies using the cosmic ray e-Lab and in international masterclasses from their schools. The mentors, Antonio Delgado, a particle physicist at the University of Notre Dame, and Danielle McDermott, condensed matter physicist at Pacific Univerisity; emeritus mentor Dan Karmgard, another Notre Dame particle physicist; the lead teachers, Dave Trapp ( and Mike Wadness, are QuarkNet fellows from Washington and Massachusetts, respectively.

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Virtual QNet Summer Workshop 2019: CMS Analysis and Step UP

    Monday August 12th CMS Data Analysis Activity 11:00 AM Eastern (8am Pacific) New version CMS Masterclass:  CMS Masterclass Measurement Data analysis slides iSpy WebGL-dev…

Planning VQN Summer 2019 Meeting

Hi All, After some back and forth with Ken Cecire regarding the summer meeting + stipends, we've decided that a shorter summer meeting is in order.  We are going to do 1 day - 6 hours - of meeting…

2017-2018 virtual QuarkNet Annual Report

Virtual QuarkNet is a group of teachers who are generally some distance from a research facility.  As a consequence, the group meets monthly by video conference (through CERN Vidyo) during the school…

Joel's Test



The LIGO center provided an interesting day.

Marteen's Document Test

Another great read is Artemis by Andy Weir, author of The Martian    

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The Three Body Problem by Qui

Virtual QNet Summer Workshop 2018: Using Gravitational Wave Data

Objectives Participating Teachers Will: Be able to use the LIGO e-lab to identify levels of seismic background noise Describe the changes that occur in gravitational waves emitted from a compact…

talk on Condensed Matter

Danielle McDermott's talk on Condense Matter to virtual QuarkNet Group Click the files below to see Powerpoint (which may take some time to download before viewing) or the smaller PDF of the slides…

Report on 2017 Summer Workshop

Virtual QuarkNet Center Visit:  Brookhaven National Laboratory:  Physics Department  Host: Helio Takai         Meeting Room 2-84 ,Physics Building,:   August 7-9, 2017 August 7, 2017 am Antonio: …