Virtual QuarkNet Center

VQC is a group of QuarkNet teachers who are separated geographically but collaborate online.


Danielle McDermott, Mentor
Dave Trapp, Lead Teacher
Mike Wadness, Lead Teacher

The Virtual QuarkNet Center is a group of teachers, generally far from a geographic QuarkNet center but who work together using online tools to collaborate. Virtual QuarkNet Center teachers have monthly Sunday evening videoconferences during the school year and meet face-to-face once each summer. The teachers participate in cosmic ray studies using the cosmic ray e-Lab and in international masterclasses from their schools. The mentors, Antonio Delgado, a particle physicist at the University of Notre Dame, and Danielle McDermott, condensed matter physicist at Pacific Univerisity; emeritus mentor Dan Karmgard, another Notre Dame particle physicist; the lead teachers, Dave Trapp ( and Mike Wadness, are QuarkNet fellows from Washington and Massachusetts, respectively.

Links :

Spring data lab

AAPT presentation on value of Masterclass video conferences

I'm giving a brief "talk" at the 2013 Summer AAPT physics conference in Portland about the value of students doing a video conference as part of their U.S. Masterclass experience.  Masterclass is not…

Virtual Center Summer Workshop 2013

Tiny URL for this page: Objectives Learn more about LHC and CMS Be able to use LHC and CMS data in the classroom with students Take care of center business   Draft…

Guess it worked!

This group wasn't on my list so I put in a request for membership.  Since I'm now posting in the group either that wasn't necessary or you guys are REALLY on the ball !! See you online! jimbo

testing 1, 2, 3....

Sunday should be fun.  Someone call me if I forget to log in.  I'll be on a mission trip to North Carolina and if things work out right, I'll be on a pontoon boat on a lake on the border between…

Connecting to Vidyo

Using a computer Make sure your computer has  robust internet connection. webcam. microphone (echo-canceling best, noise-canceling good.  Relatively new computers and software typically have these…


  Welcome to the Virtual Center group. To start, here are three things you can do right now: Create/edit your site profile (please do ASAP!) 1.     In the top menu, roll over "My stuff" 2.     Choose…